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Titan – The tallest and proudest of online gambling sites

About Titan
Titan is another of the giant online sportsbooks that holds a lot of water in the online gambling community. Titan, like most major online sportsbooks have branched out into poker, instant win games and other forms of online gambling entertainment. This has made the online sportsbook popular with more than just sports wagering fans, but also the slots, and scratch cards fanatics as well.

The Titan network is a very well put together series of gaming sections all within the main Titan hub. They haven't tried to complicate themselves by straying away from the core focus, which is at the end of the day, entertainment. Perhaps the most marvellous thing about Titan is that they are very informative. There is plenty of information available on the homepage for anybody seeking answers to anything, and their customer service team is second to none in terms of quality.

Titanbet Sportsbook

By far the main attraction at Titan, is Titan Bet – their online sportsbook. This is where it all began for this online company and although their sportsbook might not be as commonly known as others such as Bet Fred, William Hill or Ladbrokes, it is still very popular amongst online sports fans who fancy a flutter. Their online sportsbook doesn't offer anything that would be out of the ordinary for any other online sportsbook though, although it is very nice to be able to easily slide down the left hand side to pick out exactly what sport it is that you are after, as they are clearly labelled.

Titan Poker

Titan Poker is known perhaps as much as Titanbet itself. Naturally the first thing that anybody says about Titan Poker is that they have wonderful bonuses. Titan Poker does indeed offer very tasty bonuses, but it is in the arena of training that practising at poker that the online poker site really excels above others. Titan Poker allows you to practice and train your skills via Poker Guru before attempting to try any of their even more impressive tournaments.

Titan Casino

Titan Casino has much that can be admired about it. It is simple, it is easy to navigate, it has a range of games, and quite an extensive one at that. All of the games on offer at Titan Casino are clearly compartmentalised for easy access, the depth of support you an receive should you need to from Titan Casino is phenomenal also. But as we've mentioned, with well over one hundred and fifty games to choose from, it is this selection that is the most impressive. Titan online casino tries to stay away from the more stereotypical games, and instead aims to please with big hard hitting titles that are popular the net over. For players seeking that an extra experience, there is always a live casino to make your casino time fly along with a tad more realism.

Titan Extras

So what is Titan Games? Well it is difficult to say really. Naturally it is a collection of games as anybody could establish by the title of the section, and yet for some reason these games don't seem to have found a home for themselves in Titan's worthy online casino. It is most certainly very strange. For whatever reason, the long and short of it is that Titan Games allows you to play all sorts of unsorted games, from instant win classics to slot sensations. It does seem like overkill having an entirely separate site for these games when they could simply be filed into Titan Casino, but that's not our problem really is it? It's Titans!

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