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What Is Problem Gambling and How Do You Get Help?

Problem Gambling

Problem gambling is a relatively common problem, but perhaps not as serious as some people may believe. It happens all over the world, not only in the UK and affects around six people in every thousand. Plenty of people like a game of bingo, or a bet on the ponies, they will even spend a pound or two on a lottery ticket every now and then, but this does not make them a problem gambler.

Women don’t tend to gamble as much as men, so it is more prevalent in men and these problems can start at any age. Even children as young as seven have been known to have compulsive issues regarding playing computer games and people who have too much time on their hand may be susceptible.

Parents who have this problem and expose their children to compulsive behaviour may engender a likelihood of transferring gambling compulsion, but nature versus nurture may also come into play and a problem could be genetic. People who work in amusement arcades or casinos may also find it a problem and anyone who is already suffering from a dependency on drugs or alcohol. Even people who have bipolar disorder or suffer from depression may become compulsive about gambling.

It is important to remember that help is available for people who may have identified a problem with gambling and it is also important that you realise this for yourself. Denial is a killer and acknowledging a problem is the only way to sort it out.

There is a series of questions that is generally is used to determine a problem and people working at casinos, bingo halls and other gambling institution are trained to identify a problem. It is not however up to these people to stop you, you can only stop yourself and you will need help in most instances.

If you spend too much time and money gambling you usually have a problem. If it affects your family life and you use it to escape reality, you more than likely have a problem. If it is affecting your relationships, finances and work, you definitely have a problem and it is time to seek help.

Getting help for problem gambling is very easy, there are a number of organisation which can help and you can even talk to the support team at your online casino. It is necessary for all of these employees to undergo training regarding this issue and they are not out to judge anyone, it may also be easier to talk to a stranger than a close friend or family member at first. They will put you in touch with the right organisation and all UK gambling sites have a direct contact to GamCare. They provide both free face to face and telephone counselling and will help you get support.

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