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The growth in online gambling in the United Kingdom is great news for gamers and sports gamblers, with betting companies giving away millions in bonuses to secure your custom. Typical bonuses can be worth several hundred pounds in free rewards, so it’s well worth checking out the range on offer.

It’s no surprise that online casinos and sports books are willing to offer lucrative cash bonuses – after all, with over 1.1m online gamblers in the UK (a figure predicted to double by 2010) spending in excess of £700 million per year, online gambling is a high revenue industry.

The growth in online gambling has been driven by hardcore players since the turn of the millennium, however the future of web as a gambling medium is expected to be powered by the surge in leisure gamblers, and mass markets such as bingo, poker and video slot gaming. In fact, entertainment based gambling is expected to increase gaming spend to £3.5bn by 2015.

As a result, online casinos are catering for both the hardcore and fun seeking gamblers – meaning you’ll find an array of options that match your specific preferences. There are estimated to be thousands of professional online gamblers who make full-time incomes from gaming on the web; however the majority view online casinos and gambling sites essentially as a new entertainment option. For gamblers who limit themselves to set weekly gaming budgets, the fun is no different to visiting the cinema or having a night on the town (with the added incentive of potentially striking it lucky on a jackpot).

To take advantage of sport gambling and casino bonuses, you’ll be required to sign-up for a free account and in the case of online casinos, download a small casino software programme. Sports bonuses are usually match bonuses, rewarding your first deposit with an equal bonus sum (generally limited to a set amount). Although many casinos also offer match bonuses, the best will also deliver something more substantial – such as a free bonus gaming session with free cash gaming credits worth several hundred pounds.

The current online gambling trend makes this the best time to be a gamer or sports bettor – with the prefect blend of cutting edge features and lucrative special offers. While the gambling sector is likely to continue its expansion during the next few years, the industry changes at such a fast pace (such as the sudden gambling legislation in the US) that savvy gamblers are taking advantage of the sector while it’s at a peak.

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