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Titan Casino let’s you choose your own welcome bonus, this month

Posted by | Online Casino | Sunday 14 July 2013 3:50 pm

Titan Bet Online Sports Book UK Titan Casino is letting you pick your own welcome bonus this month, at their online casino site. The massive online casino is throwing up a first time new player’s match deposit welcome bonus worth up to £5,000 in total! The deal, they claim, is "virtually unbeatable" and is certainly going to cause a rush of player’s heading through the digital doors of the Titan Casino lobby.

What’s more, is that Titan Casino isn’t just telling you that you have to deposit this amount to receive that amount, or bag nothing as a bonus at all. Certainly not! Titan Casino has come up with a four tiered welcome bonus, so you can bag whatever you want to bag, depending on how much you have and wish, to deposit that very first, maiden time.

Players who deposit anything from £20 up to £29 can pocket a welcome bonus that is around about the 50% match deposit bonus mark.

Those gamers, who like to spend a little more, can pocket a 100% match deposit bonus, when they lay down anything from £30 to £199 on their very first deposit at Titan Casino.

There is also a 125% match deposit bonus, worth up to £500, when a player deposits anything from £200, up to £999.

Finally, those players who deposit over £1,000 on their very first deposit at Titan Casino can pocket a massive 50% match deposit bonus, valid up to a total limit of £5,000. This is the same, five grand mentioned at the start of the offer!

Over the next six months, players can then back 100% matches, worth up to £200 each and every month, with their first deposit of each month, meaning there’s a total of up to £1,200 free with this offer.

There is also a weekly bonus on the go at Titan Casino, with offers 26 weekly match deposit bonuses of 100%, up to £100 a pop. Players can therefore bag up to £2,600 in free money with this great bonus.

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Being welcomed into GNUF casino is an absolute peach with this bonus

Posted by | Online Casino | Wednesday 12 September 2012 10:00 am

GNUF online casino has lined up their best welcome bonus ever for new players this autumn. Offering more money than they ever have before is always a plus and is guaranteed to win over the online gambling community; but offering more money than most other online casinos in the process is something else. This is something special, this is something unique and it can all be yours today at GNUF Casino.

Up to one thousand pounds can be yours today when you sign up at GNUF Casino. Their welcome bonus comes in three instalments, each synonymous with a deposit that you as the player can make at the online casino to activate each instalment.

The first of these bonuses comes in the form of a 100% match deposit bonus, valid up to £250, which is to be fair, a simply awesome offer, one that isn’t matched in most other places online it must be said.

The second instalment of your welcome bonus from GNUF Casino is set at a 25% match deposit bonus, valid up to yet again, another two hundred and fifty notes. Thus far, your total if you have made the maximum deposits will linger around the five hundred pounds mark.

Your third deposit and subsequent bonus at GNUF Casino will take you to the fantastic one grand marker if you make the maximum deposit at the online casino. A total of five hundred pounds is up for grabs for players with GNUF Casino’s 50% match deposit bonus as the third instalment, and so wrapping up your welcome bonus from the site.

The only other thing you may need to know is that each player must play through their welcome bonus at least thirty times before they are eligible to withdraw money from GNUF Casino account. Apart from that, you’re all set to go at GNUF Casino today. That’s what we call a welcome bonus!

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