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Red Flush online casino crown new Slot Survivor champion

Posted by | Online Casino | Wednesday 16 May 2012 12:51 pm

Red Flush Online Casino This week announced Marenr1 as the new Slot Survivor champion and the winner of a trip to the Monaco Grand Prix in France to the value of $20,000.

Slot Survivor Season 6, the multi-player tournament hosted exclusively by Red Flush Casino and Casino La Vida, has a new champion. The tournament ended on May 6, 2012 after it had been running for more than 2 months. The new champion, marenr1, had been in the lead since the start of the tournament to finish with a total of 51,375 points, 1890 more than the runner-up, kaloa.

Alex Roberts, the Red Flush Casino promotions manager, said that Season 6 had become one of the most successful Slot Survivor tournaments hosted by Red Flush and Casino La Vida.. "The tournament had a total of over 2600 registered players, making it the most competitive to date and the victory of marenr1 all the more impressive," he said.

Marenr1, who had been a contestant during previous Slot Survivor tournaments, started his campaign aggressively after he had acquired the lead during the first week of the competition. This provided him with the necessary momentum to remain in the no.1 position, and secure the victory.

"Marenr1 was an impressive competitor who wasted no time in making a dash for the top of the leaderboard," added Roberts.

Kaloa, who finished in second place, made a noble attempt to catch up to marenr1. The player had more than 20,000 points less than the leader a little over two weeks ago, and made a brave effort to close the deficit down to just 1890 points. In the end, it was the sheer determination of marenr1 that would carry him through to the very end.

"We are proud of every player for their loyal support, and want to congratulate marenr1 on winning the Slot Survivor tournament as well as the Grand Prize of a trip to the Monaco Grand Prix to the value of $20, 000" said Roberts.

Unlike its predecessor, Slot Survivor Season 6 presented prizes to both the top 10 players on the leaderboard as well as during the Slot Survivor Daily Prize Giveaway. The latter consisted of a daily prize draw that provided all players with an equal opportunity to win a variety of prizes, including Free Spins, Cash, Apple iPads, Vouchers, Smart Phones, Armani Watches, an LG LED television and loads more.

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Online Casino La Vida prepare for the return of Slot Survivor

Posted by | Online Casino | Monday 27 February 2012 9:34 am

Slot Survivor Season 6 coming soon to offer online casino players the chance to compete for a share of $150, 000 in prizes!

Red Flush Online Casino and Casino La Vida are proud to announce the return of Slot Survivor. The tournament will commence in March 2012 to give online casino players the chance to once again go head-to-head in an extreme battle of wits.

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Yesterday Alex Roberts, the promotions manager at Red Flush Casino, said that next month will mark the arrival of what can easily be deemed the biggest Slot Survivor tournament to date. "Slot Survivor is back and this time round will boast a prize pool of $150,000, much larger than any of its predecessors, "he said.

The tournament has been a regular addition to the casinos’ line-up since its debut appearance in 2008. The prospect of claiming share to the prize pool, coupled with the competitive nature of the tournament has established Slot Survivor as a highly popular event on the calendar.

Now in Season 6, Slot Survivor will return to give prospective online casino players the chance to outbet, outspin and outplay each other for a variety of prizes, including the Grand Prize of a trip to the Monaco Grand Prix to the value of $20,000.

The objective of the tournament is to accumulate as many points as possible. These can be earned in two different ways, namely by participating in the weekly Slot Survivor promotions or by playing casino games such as video slots and parlour games. The points will automatically be calculated and displayed on the leaderboard for all participants to see.

"We’re all set for the ultimate tournament," added Roberts, "and can’t wait to get the action underway".

Registration for Slot Survivor Season 6 is free and will commence next month. Players with existing Red Flush or Casino La Vida accounts will be able to register immediately to earn early bird points towards their campaign.

Alternatively, visit Red Flush Casino or Casino La Vida to register a casino account.

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Red Flush Casino presents Grand Opening of Online Slot Survivor IV Tournament

Posted by | Online Casino | Wednesday 11 August 2010 10:14 pm

Red Flush online casino is proud to announce the fourth edition of the popular online Slot Survivor tournament. This event has always been a highlight on the Red Flush calendar, and it brings with it exciting opportunities to win some impressive prizes. This prospect, coupled with the competitive and fun spirit of the tournament produces an environment for enjoyment and time well spent among online casino players.

Friday the 9th of July sees the start of the 4th Slot Survivor tournament at Red Flush and Red Flush Network online casinos (* Red Flush Casino and Casino La Vida). The contest is already open for registration, and players all over the world are registering an “alias” so as to be able to compete in the leaderboard tournament. Great prizes to the value of £40000 are up for grabs, as well as the grand title of "Slot Survivor" – an entitlement that people have fought tooth and nail for in the past.

The event is divided into 4 weeks of individual competition, whereby players can play in the casino as often as possible so as to earn points on the leaderboard. Each week, £5000 worth of prizes will be awarded to the top performers and then the slate is wiped clean again for a new leaderboard to start. Must-have electronics, cash, free spins and casino bonuses are up for grabs each week, as well as a shot at being entered into the Top 50 grand final weekend. Each week, a running total of everyone’s points are recorded in the background. At the end of the 4 weeks, the Top 50 overall contenders for the duration of the tournament are entered into the grand final weekend where £20000 worth of prizes can be won.

Players can get a full rundown of how the tournament works by consulting the Slot Survivor website. Here they will find updates on the tournament dates; how to earn points as well as what prizes they can expect if they are performing successfully. Even without the prizes, the fourth edition of Slot Survivor is expected to be packed with action and intensity. With only 4 weeks to determine the Top 50, players shouldn’t waste a moment’s time in getting their points on the leaderboard.

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