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Spin Palace online casino – Big welcome bonuses!

Posted by | Online Casino | Wednesday 28 August 2013 1:58 pm

Spin Palace Online Casino UK Welcome bonuses are essential for players to get off the ground flying in the online gambling world, and few come any better than the one currently on offer at Spin Palace Casino. This online casino site is housing some of the finest deals currently on the net, with over £1,000 in free money available, when a player create a real money account with them today.

Once a new account has been registered, the player will have the luxury of signing up at Spin Palace Casino and making their first deposit. This first deposit is met with a 100% match deposit bonus, valid up to a total of £150, as Spin Palace online casino doubles your very first deposit into your new account.

Once you have claimed and spent the first deposit bonus, then it is time to claim the second. Players are entitled to make a second deposit for a total of a 25% match deposit bonus, valid up to a smaller £125.

Again, once you’ve had it and spent it, you’ll be able to claim another deposit bonus, this time it is your third and final for a while. Players who deposit the third time will pick up a larger 50% match deposit bonus, valid up to £100 in free money. What this means is that whatever you deposit on your third time, Spin Palace Casino will offer you half of it again as a bonus.

From then on, every Sunday at Spin Palace Casino, you’ll be entitled to 100 free spins per week on the Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword slot machine, for the next 52 weeks. That is one year of bonuses, a total of 5,200 free spins, if you want to be precise.

As a reward for playing with them for an entire year, players are then invited to claim an anniversary bonus, one year after signing up. This anniversary bonus comes in the form of a final 100% match deposit bonus, valid up to £105 free.

So if you add everything up together, you’ve got well over £1,000 in free goodies to get you started. You can’t really ask for much more than that. Head on over to Spin Palace Casino today, and bag one of the finest welcome bonus offers on the net, with an additional 5,200 free spins, just because you can!

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All the power of the tiger can be yours at Golden Tiger online casino

Posted by | Online Casino | Monday 15 October 2012 6:36 am

Golden Tiger Casino just sounds awesome. The name is cool, the logo is cool, even the online casino site has a cool layout. It bodes well then, that the online casino welcome bonus would also be somewhat cool, would it not?

Golden Tiger Casino has a wondrous welcome bonus for you to grasp when you sign up with this online casino site today. Unlike a first deposit match bonus, Golden Tiger Casino has something altogether different for you to enjoy.

Golden Tiger online casino is offering players the chance to get their hands on one thousand, five hundred dollars worth of free wagers from the online casino site without ever having to spend a penny.

What’s the catch? There has to be a catch right? Well yes and no as it happens. There is no catch, there is a perfectly legitimate offer, and however you will only have sixty minutes with which to spend your one thousand five hundred pounds worth of free wagers. After this the bonus will go defunct and you will be left with nothing if you haven’t spent it all.

Should you not win anything, fret not, because you will be given a go on the Second Chance Wheel, a roulette style wheel of fortune that promises to set you up with at least something!

So how can you keep what you win? Well players at Golden Tiger Casino will need to wager at least twenty dollars, and you will only win anything over the one thousand five dollars. Therefore your balance must be over one thousand five hundred and even then you cannot win anymore than one hundred pounds.

It might sound complicated but it’s not, and besides, what more could you ask for when you choose to gamble with somebody else’s money?

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Up to great grand of free money at Spin Palace Casino

Posted by | Online Casino | Tuesday 9 October 2012 10:13 am

How would you like to put your hands on a grand? With Spin Palace online casino, it is now possible for you do exactly that. With their wondrous welcome bonus, new players can grasp one of the largest online casino welcome bonuses available on the net.

New players who decide to register at Spin Palace Casino this October can pick up a total of over £1,000 through five very special welcome bonuses.

The first is as you might expect, a 100% match deposit welcome bonus, valid up to a total of one hundred and fifty pounds. Your second match deposit bonus is valid at a match of twenty five percent, up to yet another one hundred and fifty pounds.

Players can enjoy two more match deposit bonuses during their time at Spin Palace Casino too. The first of these final two bonuses come after your two previous match deposit bonus. Essentially your third bonus comes in at a match of fifty percent, again up to the one hundred and fifty pounds mark.

After one year in the casino, a player is entitled to bag a match deposit bonus a 100% match, up to one hundred and five pounds free. This offer is only open once you have spent exactly twelve months as a registered member and is awarded as a way to reward your loyalty to Spin Palace Casino.

A year might seem quite a while away, and so in the meantime, you can take advantage of the Sunday Special bonus. This Sunday Special bonus is practically the fifth part of your welcome bonus, and comes in the form of free spins; and no small amount of free spins either.

Every Sunday for your first fifty two weeks at Spin Palace Casino, you can pocket an amazing one hundred free spins on the Tomb Raider II – Secret of the Sword progressive jackpot slot. 5,200 free spins on a progressive jackpot slot, now that is great and grand!

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