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Stand tall with the sporting Titans, this weekend

Posted by Joe | Sports Betting | Tuesday 20 March 2012 2:16 pm

As yet another weekend rapidly approaches, some of you fellas may be inclined to stick another wager on your favourite team, or even put money on your rivals, just in case they win! Well, before you go ahead and do so, you should check out this online sportsbook, because there is a chance you’ll want to stick you money down here instead of your local bookies.

Titan Bet is offering all new players who sign up at the online sportsbook a free £25 in bets to be used on a any sporting bet that you wish. Furthermore, if you make multiple bets on the same ticket, and every single one of them crosses the line victorious, you can have the chance to pocket a rather sizeable bonus with Titan Bet‘s multi-bet bonus promotion.

Titan Bet also offers special cash back offers on certain deals, so even if you fall heavily when losing a potentially big game, you could still recoup some of your losses. It might not turn out to be such a bad game after all.

There are also nifty promotions on specific sports, individual games and a rather handsome bet of the week that is definitely well worth a look on Titan Bet. So if you fancy a free twenty five quid be to stick on your beloved United, City, Town, Rovers or Athletic, head on over Titan Bet today and take advantage of this golden goal offers!

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