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Red flush offers 1,000 quick play bonus

Posted by Joe | Online Casino | Friday 11 May 2012 12:41 pm

Red Flush Casino is currently offering new gamers, well the be honest, the same bonus they’ve been offering for over a year now. There is a distinct lack of new ideas at Red Flush Casino it would seem. Or perhaps they have such a winning welcome bonus that they don’t see the need to change it. Let’s remind ourselves of just what it is they are offering shall we?

As a new player at Red Flush Casino, you won’t be denied a welcome bonus, only a very brave online casino would do that! Red Flush Casino’s welcome bonus consists of €1,000 absolutely free, with no deposit required just for signing up with them. It sounds rather fishy, so there must be a catch right? Of course.

Your free €1,000 is only valid for one hour. In this time period you must spend all of your welcome bonus on the vast collection of games that Red Flush Casino has to offer. Once your sixty minutes of free spending are up, anything you have won in Red Flush Casino is yours to keep, providing that you have spent all of the €1,000 welcome bonus, and that it is also below one hundred Euros in total.

When summing this offer up, one must look at the perks and negatives to such a promotion. The perk is that you can win up to €100 in free money to help get your online casino entertainment at Red Flush Casino off to start. The reality is, you won’t win that much, and even if you did, it pales in comparison to what you might bag with a very high match deposit bonus at any other casino. You’ll still bag a 100% match deposit bonus when you do make your first deposit, but is this as rewarded enough as the 200, sometimes even 300% deposits you can find elsewhere? Well it really depends on what kind of gamer you are doesn’t it?

As always, the choice is yours!

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