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Raise your hands and climb the ladder, with Bet 365 Poker

Posted by Joe | Online Poker | Friday 1 June 2012 2:21 am

Do you feel it is time you climbed that almighty poker ladder to the top and walked away with the top prizes. Well good news, because Bet 365 Poker is serving up a new promotion that might just help you get there.

It is called the Premier Cash Ladder and basically, you are required to play premium table games in order to advance further and further up the long ladder of success, with up to $1,000 being up for grabs each week as well as individual bonuses available for players on each specific rung of the ladder.

Every single week, you bountiful bonus is dependant on how many rungs of the ladder you have managed to climb in this promotion, with the top rung of the latter, number 17, being worth $1,000 per week, and the bottom rung, number 1, being worth a fiver a week. Everything in between varies from five hundred notes, all the way down to two pounds.

In order to advance you’ll need to accumulate Merit Points which are awarded in accordance with how much poker you play over the course of the week. Forty thousand merit points is enough to get you up onto the top rung, 200 merit points will see you scarcely hanging onto the first.

All Bet 365 Poker players are allowed to enter into this promotion, and you do not have to sign up to be included in this awesome deal. You can enter your Bet 365 Poker details into a text box on the promotion page at their online poker site to see just where in the table you currently stand, and how much of a bonus your current rung is likely to land you at Bet 365 Poker today!

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