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Is there an Ace up your sleeve at 32 Red Poker?

Posted by Joe | Online Poker | Thursday 21 June 2012 12:55 pm

Online poker sites always tend to offer a fair bit more in the way of a welcome bonus than any other online gambling site. The sheer amount of free cash that certain online poker sites throw a new player’s way can often be so overwhelming that they can sometimes scarcely be believed.

32 Red Poker currently has one fairly large offer on the go at the moment that defies belief, but rest assured it is very much the real deal. New players who decide to play their online poker at 32 Red Poker will be on the receiving end of a $1,000 welcome bonus as well as a 30% instant rake back.

As always though, a $1,000 welcome bonus does not come quite as simple as a deposit to your account. Instead the welcome bonus a player will receive is judged by how well they perform in a redback competition at 32 Red Poker.

New players will have thirty days to collect as many redbacks as they possibly can by playing any number of 32 Red Poker‘s approved games. The amount of redbacks a player earns will determine how large a welcome bonus they will collect.

10,000 redbacks will amount to roughly $32, whilst 50,000 to 100,000 redbacks is a fair $200 to $300 welcome bonus respectively. Of course the maximum welcome bonus a player can pocket is fixed at $1,000 and you’ll need roughly 320,000 redbacks to claim such a bonus.

This welcome bonus is a somewhat challenging competition, although players should see it as good practice at 32 Red’s poker and other games prior to playing any of their hardcore poker tournaments, which occur frequently throughout each and every month.

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