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Euro Grand Casino gets a little vague on their offers

Posted by Joe | Online Casino | Thursday 7 June 2012 2:47 pm

There is absolutely nothing worse in the online casino world than an online website that does not post proper detailed information about the promotions they are running. It is infuriating in fact, that despite deciding to write this blog about Euro Grand Casino well in advance, we’re now left with a difficult decision about exactly what we can tell you, if anything at all!

How bad are we talking here? Well for a starter, there are no "more info" or "read more" buttons on their site, these are instead replaced with "join now" buttons. It seems that Euro Grand is really eager to get you into their site, but has little to offer you in the way of an explanation of why you should do so. So what do we know about what they do have?

EuroGrand online casino has stated on their online casino site that they are prepared to offer new gamers a total of up to €1,000 for all new players. They don’t go into the specifics of how they hope to achieve this, and in what form this package will be. They just simply say, join us and there is a grand for you. It’s not exactly the best marketing campaign in the world and it’s not exactly appealing is it.

They are also offering a 15% reload bonus when you deposit using Neteller. Many online casinos have an alternative payment method bonus, but few are as restricted in terms of being for one method only as Euro Grand Casino are here. Euro Grand Casino are also advertising a range of special V.I.P. Offers for V.I.P. Members, and here they do tell you a little more about their offer. But this bullet form rehash is not informative enough. It is almost as if Euro Grand Casino are hiding the small print of their offers from potential customers in case they change their mind and alter the welcome bonuses. Just not good at all…

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